A list of InstaBudget product updates.


InstaBudget Logo

After trying to come up with a clean logo and unable to do so I decided to use 99designs to get a new logo.

I posted about the process on Twitter

Support multiple currencies

Have accounts in different currencies

InstaBudget can now handle multiple currencies within the same budget. This means that your budget can be in one currency while some or all accounts are in another. It leverages to retrieve exchange rates at a particular date or when transferring between accounts, will ask the user to enter the destination amount since bank transfers don’t always match the exchange rate.

Split transactions

Transaction Split on multiple envelopes

One major limitation so far was that each transaction had to be linked to one envelope only. For people like myself who buy on Amazon regularly, we know that not everything on Amazon comes from the same envelope … no my cereals aren’t paid with my ‘fun’ envelope. Now you can split a transaction across multiple envelopes.

Installable web app (PWA)

InstaBudget is now installable on your Desktop

InstaBudget is now a PWA and can be installed as a desktop application with Chrome and Firefox. It will also work on an iPad for instance and can be saved as a bookmark though I’d still recommend using the mobile application on mobile.

On top of those main features, a lot of effort was also put into improving performance, and usability (e.g. a mechanism to fill a month’s budget for each envelopes base on the previous month’s allocations)


Welcome to the first bi-weekly update for InstaBudget. I follow a 2-week release cycle cadence and update folks on the progress at the same cadence.

Product Update

Sample Filter for Advanced Search

A tremendous amount of work went into rewriting the desktop application using React. This will allow for better user interactions and open the door to adding features more easily.

All of the features in the old application are available, and some saw some improvements, in particular, the search feature:

Sample Filter for Advanced Search

I also spent time adding more testing and automation.

Marketing Update

Twitter Header

I have also been posting on Twitter on my personal account to share some interesting discoveries I make while developing InstaBudget. The official Twitter account InstaBudgetHQ is now live with a temporary logo.

InstaBudget was originally started in September 2019 under a different name and this changelog only covers changes since the beginning of 2021 when a new focus was put onto the product.