What makes InstaBudget a great Mint alternative.

InstaBudget vs. Mint


InstaBudget offers envelope budgeting. Each dollar you earn is allocated to an envelope and put to work! Overspent money won't be available in the future, and unused funds will roll over like the real deal. On the other end, Mint is only showing how much you spent compared to a set value for a specific month, with no consequences for going over or rewards for staying under.


Thanks to a sophisticated system of rules, your transactions are appropriately renamed, categorized, and more in InstaBudget. Mint over the years has become very tedious and still requires a tremendous amount of work to keep things tidy.


Mint is "free" while InstaBudget is a paying product. However, Mint will give you ads and offers, which means they are using the data you give them to make those offers. InstaBudget, on the other end, is charging to cover the cost of importing your transactions automatically and pledges not to sell your information to 3rd parties.